Luxury Lexus Service at Alderson Auto Group - Mindful of Travel Distance and Location

It Began with a Vision

Our team at Alderson Auto Group first recognized a discrepancy in accommodations and general convenience when considering the varied distances Lexus clients travel from outside of Lubbock for routine maintenance and vehicle repairs. With this realization, a question then formed - how can we meet luxury car enthusiast needs collectively, regardless of location?

This intuition and general vision brings us to Lexus Mobile Service, first piloted in mid-2017. Fast forward to present day, and we now extend these mobile service offerings to Midland for your regular Lexus service demands. A collaboration of brilliant minds, molded in discussions by Owner David Alderson and General Manager Troy Tucker, is what led to this breakthrough. The idea was so innovative, Lexus asked Alderson to pilot the program for the entire nation, and the maintenance needs of drivers outside the Lubbock, TX area are creatively addressed.

Mobile Service for Lexus Models – What to Expect

Our 45-foot service trailer comes with a full-service vehicle lift, accompanying area for tools and genuine auto parts, and Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity for seamless communication between Lexus, the Alderson Lexus main location in Lubbock and the service bay itself. To keep you comfortable and insulated from extreme weather, this trailer includes air-conditioning and heating equipment. For your minor maintenance needs, including basic tire rotations and oil changes, we recommend utilizing this mobile service in Midland before considering a longer trip into our Lubbock location. You can still expect the same professional care, with this maintenance work logged in our Lexus national database and warranting the complete attention of Lexus certified trained technicians. We even utilize the same components, implementing Lexus genuine auto parts from the original equipment manufacturer to ensure pristine quality and exceptional service results.

Easy-to-Reach Location and Additional Service Recommendations

You have multiple options based on your maintenance requirements. Simple service work is manageable with this service trailer in Midland, with more comprehensive jobs handled by our service team stationed out of Lubbock. We’ll park our Midland trailer in the Albertson's parking lot for the day, preventing you from trekking 120 miles just for a simple oil change, multi-point inspection or tire rotation.

Stick to our main service center in Lubbock for the following maintenance marks – 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles and 90,000 miles. For smaller 5,000-mile intervals and the basic service needs that these cycles require, our team recommends visiting the mobile trailer to keep your maintenance experience both convenient and efficient.

Review Customer Testimonials and Schedule Lexus Mobile Trailer Service Today

While the place you call home may differ, our commitment to the Lexus customers we serve always remains the same. It is this unwavering dedication that fuels our team’s goal for collective recognition as the leading luxury car dealership in West Texas, as we will continue to discover creative ways to meet your always evolving needs.

Review our newsletter video and the testimonials of shoppers who’ve experienced our mobile service trailer. Please call to schedule a Lexus mobile service appointment today (these currently cannot be scheduled online).